Fall 2013:


Knew Werk


Wire Monkey Dance presents

Knew Werk by Saliq Savage
My Own Bodies by Tove Sahlin/Shake it Collaborations

FRIDAY and SATURDAY, November 8th and 9th, 8pm

The Winter Palace Theater, 108 Cabot St. Holyoke

TICKETS: $15/ $10 students and seniors

Reservations: 413-330-1172

Wire Monkey Dance, known for its breathtaking and innovative dance installations, presents KNEW WERK by director Saliq Savage and MY OWN BODIES by Swedish performance artist Tove Sahlin of Shake it Collaborations.

Saliq Savage’s Knew Werk examines mortality with an intergenerational international cast. This premiere is a tribute to Tom Rotello (1965-2012). With Donald Andrew, Rebekah Hanlon, Safi Harriott and Lani Nahele.

Tove Sahlin, Artistic Director of Shake it Collaborations, travels from Sweden via Beijing to present the solo version of My Own Bodies. Sahlin explores shaking as a movement, emotions and linguistic metaphor.

Sahlin—Performer, Director, Choreographer, Project manager and Workshop leader—has created 12 independent pieces in her 10 years with the collective Bastardproduktion. She is regularly commissioned to choreograph theatre pieces and is the co-founder and project manager of WISP, Women in Swedish Performing Arts an established feminist network. Sahlin, Artistic Director of Shake it Collaborations, (SiC) will dramaturge for Savage’s New Werk as SiC seeks to articulate, together with the other project leaders, the specificity and the uniqueness of the given situation - its politics, the place, the audience, the organization and the staff.

Saliq Savage—Performer, Director, Teacher, Certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering and Infant Developmental Movement Educator—founded Wire Monkey Dance, a collaboration with Jennifer Polins in which they created over 14 pieces since 1998. Fashioned on ever-moving configurations of construction scaffolding and bringing together regional and international dancers and interactive media artists, Wire Monkey has performed at Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Dance Theater Workshop, Macau Fringe Festival, Ponderosa Tanz Land Festival in Berlin, as well as site-specific venues in Pulaski Park, UMASS Amherst, on the streets of Northampton and has received numerous grants from local arts councils and has been presented by the Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts.

These performances take place at the Winter Palace Theater, 108 Cabot St. Holyoke, a unique performance venue in Holyoke’s historic canal district. Built in 1904 as a theatre and athletic club for the Farr Alpaca textile mill workers, the space now serves as Wire Monkey’s rehearsal/performance space.