2007 Performances

Site-specific "Gorilla" dance performances in Northampton
September 16, 23 and 29th (free)
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World Premier of OPEN SECRET

Oct 12-14, Oct 19-20*, Oct 26-28
Fridays, Saturdays 8 pm, Sundays 2 pm
*Plus 2 pm Matinee Oct 20
Tree Studio, Holyoke MA

Reservations 1.800.224.6432


Pulaski Park
August 10, 2006
Northampton, MA 01060

Lincoln Center Out Of Doors
August 12, 2006
New York City

Tour to China
October 2004
W.A.C. Fest and Macao Fringe Festival, Macao, China

World Premier of "As If Life"
September 17-19, 24-26, October 1-3, 2004
MIFA Festival
Holyoke MA

Site Specific Work at the
Ponderosa Dance/Land Festival
Workshops with Jen and Saliq, June 28-July 3
Stolzenhagen Germany

"Arctic Triangle"
Feb 29, 2004, Academy of Music
Northampton MA

Studio Showing of "As If Life"
Oct 24, 25, 2003, Tree Studios
108 Cabot St, Holyoke MA
BOX OFFICE: (800) 224-6432

"Short Circuits"
Friday, May 2, 7pm

Holyoke War Memorial Auditorium
310 Appleton St. at Maple, Holyoke MA
Question & answer with the artists directly after show

"Short Circuits"
May 8, 9, 2003 8pm, Bowker Auditorium

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
BOX OFFICE: (800) 999-8627

"Arctic Triangle"
Feb 1, 2002 2pm, DTW
Dance Theater Workshop
219 West 19th St, New York City
BOX OFFICE: (212) 924-0077
INFORMATION: (212) 691-6500

The World Premiere of "Short Circuits"
Oct 25, 26 and Nov 1-3, 2002
The Northampton Center for the Arts

"Endangered Species"
October 18-19,
Cyclorama, The Boston Center for the Arts

The World Premiere of "Endangered Species"
Sept 28-29 and Oct 5-6, 2001
The Northampton Center for the Arts

Site Specific
September 13, 2001
The University of Massachusetts

"Scaffolding Studies"
October 22, 2000
State University of New York in Albany

"Scaffolding Studies"
for Crank It Out! Six Artists Wrestling With the Muse
October 17-18, 2000
A.P.E. Thornes, Northampton MA

July 21-22, 2000
The Dance Complex, Cambridge MA

The World Premiere of "WIRE MONKEY"
July 15-16, 2000
Northampton Center for the Arts

Site specific work outdoors
May 19, 2000
The Holyoke Arts Walk, Holyoke, MA,

"Looking for Madonna"
for Crank It Out! Six Artists Wrestling With the Muse
September 1999
A.P.E. Thornes, Northampton MA