Critics call their work "animalistic," "viscerally thrilling," and "beautifully conceived." The members of the Wire Monkey dance troupe combine gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance as they perform on a 20-foot-high mobile scaffold. WFCR's Charlene Scott reports.

"Since 2000, Wire Monkey Dance has been carving its own niche in the dance world."
-Springfield Union News

Wire Monkey will premiere its newest work, "Short Circuits," two pieces encompassing not only choreography set on and around the scaffolding, but also video and original music. The title reflects Savage's and Polins' concern, stated in the program, that "with glacial millennia replaced by mere melting years, and local events triggering global conflicts, the potential for short circuits is increasing."
-Daily Hampshire Gazette

- Press Release for Short Circuits

"This work is beautifully conceived, vividly imaginative, and superbly performed. It is both visually riveting and viscerally thrilling."
- The Boston Globe

"The sheer athleticism of the work places Wire Monkey in the tradition of companies like Pilobolus." "It's a testament to the vision of Savage and Polins that Wire Monkey has achieved success so early on."
-The Advocate | View article on Advocate site

"Wire Monkey shows how the lamp poles, telephone cables, fire escapes and asphalt inherent of modern cities are the new trees, vines, and dirt of tomorrow.They remind us of our inborn wishes to break free of what binds us to the metal and marble of our surroundings."
- UMASS Fine Arts Center Spotlight

"Some dance fans might remember Jeremy Alliger's aerial dance festival, or the contemplative rituals by the bugaku-inspired company Jo Ha Kyu that appeared at the Cyclorama several years ago. Though most dancers find that much elbow room daunting, the performers of Wire Monkey Dance couldn't be more thrilled."
-Boston Herald

"When I saw Wire Monkey's debut performance at the Northampton Center for the Arts, I kept forgetting to breathe. After all, I was watching dancers who could fly. With a lightning speed, the seven dancers climbed, swung and soared across the bars of a sophisticated jungle gym: 20 feet of scaffolding that suggested an urban rain forest."
-The Artful Mind

"Seven international dancers... execute what, for most of us, appear to be death-defying feats."
-The Advocate | View article on Advocate site

"Like other ground-breaking choreographers such as Trisha Brown, who turned modern dance on its side in the 1970s when she created works for dancers dangling from rooftops and performing on the sides of buildings, Wire Monkey's experiment has produced a thrilling work of art which breaks down the conventional boundaries of modern dance."
-Springfield Union News

"Show-goers lined the stairs of the Northampton Center for the Arts to gain entrance to this mysterious event... The crowd was mesmerized... By the end of this success, the dancers were rewarded with a standing ovation."

"The structure rotates on wheels, transforming from human prison to primate playground and back again. ...there's the possibility for magic to happen."
-Daily Hampshire Gazette